Parent Accounting provides Accounting and Tax consultancy services:

  1. Preparing the initial balance sheet, internal procedure rules and chart of accounts;
  2. Organising accounting in accordance with one of the accounting principles specified in Accounting Act;
  3. Recording all business transactions according to the basis of source documents or summary documents prepared on the basis thereof.
  4. Preparing expenditure report;
  5. Preparing tax declarations according to the data presented by the client and filing the tax declarations to Estonian Tax and Customs Board via “e-Maksuamet”,  communicating with tax authority when necessary;
  6. Filling and submitting statistical reports;
  7. Salary calculation and salary payment when necessary;
  8. Drawing up reporting person’s reports;
  9. Drawing up other accounting reports according to necessity (e.g trial balance and various analysis);
  10. Preparing annual report (including annual Report, which is going to be audited and annual report in English);
  11. Preserving accounting documents in the prescribed manner;
  12. Other aspects regarding accounting and tax consultations.